QYR002: "hymns"

by teen suicide

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FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/teensuicide09


released November 25, 2012

written and recorded by Sam Ray
vocals on "hymn 2" by Caroline White
"hymn 1" was recorded in the dark
"hymn 2" was recorded in the woods



all rights reserved


Quiet Year Records Harrisonburg, Virginia

Harrisonburg/DC-based DIY record label. Helping our friends release and distribute independent music since Oct. 2012.

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Track Name: hymn 1
God sent an angel of mercy to me
to forgive me for being so mean
He told me 'do not fear the darkness my son
for the sun will rise again'
He took this ailing body from me
for He knew it was causing me pain
He won't give me a new one cause i had my chance
but He forgives me, He forgives me
Track Name: xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx i have no longterm plans for this body
i want to be part of you while i still can
xxxxxxx my mouth filled up with blood
let me be part of you while i still can

when am i coming to your school
you know that i should see you soon
before something takes me out of here
or before he takes you away again

(i woke up in the library and someone was whispering
your name directly into my ear i looked around but
i couldn't find them and when i went outside the sun
was out but soon the sky turned black and it started
to rain; my friends blame ghosts for everything)

xxxxxxx i worry far too much and i know
that it will ruin us
just like it ruined so many things before
let me be part of you while i still can

when am i coming to your school
you know that i should see you soon
cause soon i won't be able to
if things keep going on like this
i stare at myself in the mirror
i make my body bleed sometimes
i don't even dream anymore
because my dreams are coming true
i could die in your red hair
Track Name: hymn 2
in your backyard you dig a hole
i know you will put me inside
the heat has been off now for so many days
and the sun doesn't rise in the sky
as a child i never blamed you at all
i knew that you had a plan
but i can't keep my food down at night anymore
do you forgive me? do you forgive me?
Track Name: untitled-oct7
when you came home i wrote a song
i never showed anyone
i still remember the hook it went
'i'm getting clean for you'
because i wanted to get clean again
and i knew that if i did we could be happy
we did it once before
i thought we could do it again

i wanted to say i'm sorry
i never got clean for you
like i wanted to do so badly
and everything i knew i forgot
i will shed this stupid body
i will grow tall and be someone new
when i do you can come find me
but until then i'll be missing for a while