QYR004: "I'll Be Fine"

by Brian Tassey

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released April 5, 2013

Recorded and produced by Cameron Boucher



all rights reserved


Quiet Year Records Harrisonburg, Virginia

Harrisonburg/DC-based DIY record label. Helping our friends release and distribute independent music since Oct. 2012.

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Track Name: all my friends
all my friends grew up without me
all my friends moved on with their lives
all my friend know what they want to do
i'm still stuck here afraid to get out of bed in the morning
i fee like i'm in the shadow of both my younger siblings
maybe someday i'll join a band
maybe someday i'll get into music school
maybe someday i'll make the right choices
maybe someday i'll make someone proud
Track Name: i'm hungry. for food.
sometimes i wonder if you ever saw it coming as a young child
on the playground near where you used to live
where your mother used to take you back when your mother
used to care
you found a drug to numb your pain
you found a mask to hid your face
how i wish that i could save you from yourself
but God knows only you could do that
how i wish that i could do that
Track Name: beach day
i felt a weight fall onto my shoulders after a nice day at the beach
where did i go wrong?

i felt a hopelessness crush my spirits tear me apart. i don't know
where to go from here. maybe this is my fault

i'm afraid that i am falling apart i saw a vision of a pathetic future
where i disappointed everyone that i loved where i disappointed
all my friends.

i'm afraid to keep in touch because i have nothing good to tell
you. wish i wasn't a let down. wish that i wasn't a hypocrite. but
i'm just that letdown and i'm just that hypocrite.