QYR013: "Old Volvo"

by Lil Huffy




released April 24, 2013

Mixed and mastered by Dan McDonough

Emigdio- Vox/Gtr
Landon- Gtr
Jesse- Bass/Vox
Max- Drums

Album art by Natalie Strickland



all rights reserved


Quiet Year Records Harrisonburg, Virginia

Harrisonburg/DC-based DIY record label. Helping our friends release and distribute independent music since Oct. 2012.

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Track Name: Diamond Ring
Well faith has always been a leap for me
Because all I want is to want, and be wanted
So stumble down the stairs and come at me
Because the leaps I make always put in strange places

I wanna be yr favorite thing
I wanna be yr diamond ring

Always leave me waiting by the phone
And I can only guess that you'll be waiting there too
And so I sneak into yr room
And when yr not there I look through all yr stuff


I'm scared to leave my house again
Bby I know its no good
I was thinkin bout yr old volvo
And the way yr hair fell against my pillow
Bby wont you come back to me

Bby come over,
And pick up the mess you left behind
Come over,
Say it will be different next time
Act a lil older,
Oh i know it could be much better
My diamond ring
Track Name: King of the Mountain
Get out of this town
I don't wanna psych myself out again
Feelings from last year, oh no
Coming back I don't want em again

Going back to my parents house
Its a main street parade of I don't think I can's
Here comes the self doubt, oh no
It says you can't sing and you can't write worth a shit
And you'll never get off this fucking mt. kid

Oh, when you cry, why cry
You know I've done it 1000 times
But oh, when everything hurts, and you want it to end
I guess I've only felt that once before

Go get some sleep
You'll feel better in the morning
Better in the morning
King of the mountain
Track Name: KAC
I came out so raw its alright
You need to feel that once
Feel that once
I was the teenaged creep
Flashbacks too 16
Kid you don't know anything

When you say, yr not like me
Remember the places we've been
And the places, I'm scared to go

I wanna have control

I came off so harsh plz stay the night
For there are evil men
Trained to fuck you up
Seasons don't change like they used to
Cold nights in the middle of june
It gets to you

When you say, yr not like me
Can we just blame the summer
For makin' us lonely

I never meant to cause you pain
We run from the ones we love
Straight towards the ones we hate
Track Name: Hand in Pocket
If I could give you my security
And my faith, you know I would
Cause all I want for you is to feel safe
And okay, when yr alone in yr room

A girl like you should be happy
Wish I could make you happy
All the time

I'm sorry last night I was so down
I wanted to get out
Crash into yr bed and sleep for an hour or two
Run my fist through a wall, pick up the phone and call you
Swollen hand in pocket, not what I wanted to do

It comes in waves of hate
Track Name: Adam and Eve
If you stay with me tonight
I'll try and get out of this body
So plz just tell me its alright
And help we wake up in the morning

Tell me darling do you fear death
like I do

This is so embarrassing
To feel so unclean
This is so embarrassing
To know that you still want me around


I know its in my head
But I can't shake this feeling
That someone out there is after me
And someone out there knows what I'm doing
And has bad intentions